How Organize Your Closet Smartly

1. Use the hanger for clothes that you intend to re-use later

Dumping clothes that you’ve worn with an intention to re-use them later, can make your closet look very cluttered. To make sure that your used clothes remain crease free and impeccable for you to wear again, use hangers and store them in the vertical column of your closet.

2.Stack your clothes according to categories

The method of categorizing clothes into neat looking piles is a matter of personal choice. Some would like to color code their piles while others would like to stack clothes according to their utility or outfit type. Categorize your clothes in such a way that you can easily reach what you need without even looking into the closet.

3.Get rid of all the junk that you never use

We tend to dump all kinds of extra and spare items in our closets, thinking that we might need them later. Such items keep piling up without ever being used. Before you start organizing your closet, first spring clean it by getting rid of all the junk and making space for new stuff to fit in.

4.Keep a separate area for accessories in your closet

Accessories, shoes, bags, jewelry and other knick knacks can take up a lot of space in your cupboard if they are not organized well. Strictly keep different drawers and boxes to store your belts, purses, socks, napkins, makeup, earrings and all the other accessories that you own.

5.Add removable/attachable storage boxes, hooks and racks

Everyone may not have gigantic walk in closets in which they can store everything from clothes, accessories to shoes. This is when attachable plastic hooks, foldable boxes and temporary racks come to use. You can choose from a variety of well styled removable shelves that are available in the market. 

6.Keep easy access to clothes that you use daily

Don’t make the mistake of keeping your daily wear in a shelf behind your party wear which you rarely use. You may unknowingly crease and ruin all your party clothes when you keep grabbing your daily wear. Deciding what should come at the front or not, depends on what you are going to be wearing every day.

7.Let your closet be seasonal

There is no point in letting your winter wear usurp space in your closet when you are in the middle of summer. You can store your winter wear in special storage boxes and stack them away at discreet spots of the room that cannot be seen easily, such as underneath the bed. Once winter approaches, turn the tables and stack your summer clothes away.