How To Clean Wooden Kitchen Utensils

kitchen utensils at home with the help of kitchen ingredients. For example: lemon is the best home ingredient you can use to get rid of odour from anything.Likewise, vinegar too is another effective remedy you can use at home to clean your wooden kitchen utensils. If your still puzzled as to how to go ahead with this.Here are some ways to clean wooden kitchen utensils.

Ways to clean wooden kitchen utensils are:

1.Lemon: One of the best kitchen ingredients you can use to clean any item at home is lemon. Squeeze the juice of a lemon and add it to boiling hot water. Now drop in your wooden kitchen utensils in the hot water and allow it to soak in the lemon water for 15 minutes. If the water gets cold, add more hot water. After 15 minutes, remove the wooden items and wipe them dry with a cotton cloth and place in the sun to dry.

2.Vinegar: Add one glass of vinegar to a bowl. Add one tablespoon of honey to the vinegar and mix the ingredients well. Now, using a cotton swab dip it into the bowl, squeeze out the excess water and wipe the utensils dry. When done, repeat this procedure again.

3.Salt: This ingredient is another best kitchen ingredient you can add to a bowl of hot water to help clean wooden utensils. Place the items in the salt water and boil the water for 5 minutes. When done, drain out the water and wipe the items dry with a dry cloth. Allow it to dry in the sun at least for a day.

4.Citrus Fruits: If need be, you can also use citrus fruits to clean your wooden kitchen utensils. All you need to do is follow the same procedure as mentioned under lemon.

5.Baking Soda: Make a paste out of baking soda and lemon juice. Apply this paste on the wooden utensils and let it soak in the sun for 15 minutes, before you rinse the items with hot water.

6.Warm Water: One of the best and easiest tips to clean wooden kitchen utensils is by washing them in hot water. You can wash the utensils in hot water every time you use it.

These are the tips to clean wooden kitchen utensils.