Know About Maintaining Quilt And Fleece Blankets

It's winter now and is the right time to pull out all the quilt and fleece blankets. The thick blankets provide warmth, comfort and look colourful on bed. It is important to know about maintaining them as they may also develop bobbins, smell damp and look dirty. Today, we shall suggest a few ways to maintain such thick blankets.It is always smart to buy fleece blankets and jaipur razais as they are washable. Do not choose too furry and dark coloured blankets as they can house bugs and fine dust which may cause irritation and sneezing.Here are some tips for that.

1.Do not dry quilt in bright sunlight as they may fade and lose colour. The fibers will also disintegrate and shrink badly. Always dry them is shaded room. You can also buy a dehumidifier for your room to maintain these thick fabrics. Do not wash quilts.

2.Fleece blankets are washable but need to be dried in shade. Since they take long time to dry, they may smell bad. Using a fragrant fabric conditioner post wash as it will make them smell good, feel softer and clean. Do not wash even fleece very frequently.

3.Vaccum cleaning is the best way to maintain quilts and blankets dust free. It sucks out all the fine dust from the fabric and maintains dry. Adding a few naphthalene balls into the cleaner and cleaning will kill the germs and bacteria in the blankets.

4.Do not cover quilt or fleece blanket over wet hands and feet as it will spoil them. Dry your feet well on a foot rug before you climb on the bed. Have a hanging quilt display frame so that you don't have to fold them often but use them to cover walls.

5.Dry clean is the best alternative option. As the summer season arrives get all your winter wear and blankets dry washed. Wrap them in acid free paper towels, dry paper bags or muslin to prevent molds and mildew. Add rose/ lavender satchets before placing them in a cupboard to keep them smell fresh until next winter.

These are the tips for maintaining quilt and fleece blankets.