Know The Best Way To Use Your Refrigerator

It is not like you do not know how to use a refrigerator, but do you know the best possible way to use it? I think not. Most of us use kitchen appliances on a hand to mouth basis; it is there and we use it to for our most immediate needs. For example, a refrigerator is used to prevent food from getting stale. But actually if you manage to organise your refrigerator properly it can be made energy efficient and more hygienic to keep your food fresher. If you are new homemaker then you need learn the most efficient way to use a refrigerator and if you are already an experienced homemaker then unlearn your old ways.

1.Never Put Warm Food Into The Fridge: We all have this tendency to heat the entire quantity of food and then eat only a little from it. The worst part of this habit is that you put the still warm left over food back into the fridge right then and there. This makes the compressor of your fridge work harder and also gives favourable warm medium for microbes to grow. Let the food cool down to room temperature before your refrigerate it.

2.Don't Keep It Next To the Oven: Although your fridge is a kitchen appliance it is best not to keep it right next to the oven or the gas stove. If it absorbs heat from outside then there is a good chance that the compressor will give way in some time.

3.Thaw In The Fridge: All new homemakers must be thinking, 'how is that possible?' It is because all you have to do is take these frozen things out of the deep freezer and put them in the fridge. The solid ice will thaw out in the fridge itself when you keep it over night and you will be saving energy too!

4.Defrost Regularly: You think snow mountains in your freezer compartment are funny? We do not think so! You need to defrost your fridge once in a fortnight. If that is not possible then once in a month is a definite requirement.

5.Store Food Properly By Covering: Does an unpleasant mix of odours assault your nostrils whenever you open your fridge? It means you are not storing the food properly. Always store food in closed containers so that refrigerator does not stink. You basically need to organise your refrigerator well to avoid odours.

6.Never Leave The Door Ajar: It is the worst careless mistake you can make when you use a refrigerator. When the door of the fridge is left ajar then all the cool air is going out and the compressor is being made to work doubly hard. It can even make your food spoil.

These are the ways to use your refrigerator.