Know The Essential Home Tools For Your Tool Kit

Tools for your home are things that you may not need explicitly but you will need them every time some minor issue comes up at home. When you are setting up a new home then there are certain lifelong investments that you need to make. Some essential tools for your house will be one such investment. You may feel that you are unnecessarily stretching your budget for these but in the long run they will prove their worth. Moreover household tools are not things you buy everyday; they will last you a lifetime. Here are some of the commonest and most useful home tools that you must have in your home.

1.Hammer: Nothing can substitute it but it can do the job for lot of other things. Imagine when you really need a hammer and you may not be able to think of any instance. But when you you need to do some minor repairs this is the first household tool you will look for. Whether it is a bolt that has come off loose or a sharp edge that needs flattening, you need a hammer for doing basic stuff in your house.

2.Screwdriver: No, this is not the popular cocktail that women love. As a home tool that has obvious utility, screwdrivers can be called the commonest of the common when it comes to repair tools for your house. It is not just for tightening screws as the name suggests. You can use a screwdriver to open portions of electronic appliances, switch boards, plugs, etc. It can also be uses as a stepny to pull open lips of containers.

3.Pliers: This essential tool for your house is not the equivalent of a pair of scissors. You need this kind of a cutter to cut out electric wires that are dangerous or popping out of the switch boards. A normal pair of scissors will not do for such situations. They can ply out things from the narrowest of places.

4.Electrical Tester: It is not only essential tool but also a very useful safety measure. This tool usually looks like a small screwdriver or thermometre. Its tip has to be placed at any electrical point that you suspect is malfunctioning. If the back light glows in spite of the switch being off then the point is dangerous; if it doesn't glow even when the switch is on then the point is not active.

5.Utility Knife: As is obvious from the name, there are numerous utilities of this knife. Usually it is a fold-able pen knife that opens into blades of various shapes and sizes. Each blade has its own utility. It can substitute as a wrench, bottle opener, kitchen knife, etc.

If you are a new homemaker, use these home improvement tips to put together a tool kit with these useful home tools.