Know The Tips For Cleaning Suede

Suede is material that is neither totally leather nor synthetic. It brings amazing variety to your clothes, shoes and accessories. But the problem is suede is cleaning. It is painfully difficult to clean and even the slightest mistake can ruin it. You wouldn't want your expensive suede to get spoiled so usually they are dry cleaned or given off for professional cleaning. How else will you clean suede shoes? However, there are some tricks for cleaning suede that you can try before shelling out money at the dry cleaners. Here are some cleaning tips to help you deal with suede items in your household at home.

1.The most common suede article in your house are shoes. Most people have one pair to go with formals. And if you have a teenaged daughter she may have those fashionable high rise boots. To clean suede shoes is a very challenging task because the stains on shoes are the worst.

2.You may have to deal with a variety of stains like water, mud or even coffee spills. First determine what is the source of the stain. The best way to clean suede shoes is to dampen it with white vinegar and pull off the stain with blotting paper.

3.Never rub suede harshly. If you are using vinegar then just dab gently and don't rub or else the stain will spread. Stain sometimes comes off pretty clean but on the down side be prepared for the stink of vinegar for the next few days.

4.Suede jackets too are pretty in and almost everybody has one in their wardrobe. Cleaning suede jackets and bags are definitely easier than cleaning shoes. The kind of stains you find are usually easier to remove.

5.The first complain with cleaning suede jackets is that they start looking dull after a point. The standard rule is to get when cleaned every couple of years professionally but if have missed doing that, brush it with a soft brush to get rid of the loose dust.

6.There is something called a polish or varnish for suede. You can spray it on your jacket and even shoes to get that fresh shine and shade that caught your eye when you bought it.

7.If you have a suede couch and other upholstery made of suede then can be accumulated dirt that appears in dark patches. There is easy way for cleaning suede that have dirt patches but it might just require a little patience from your end.

8.Rub the dirt patches with an eraser for erasing pencil marks gently. It is time consuming but do not get frustrated and rub as hard as you can. The patches will lighten gradually.

9.If you ever accidentally spill water or any other fluid on suede, do not panic. Dry out the stain by soaking the liquid with tissue papers; make sure it does not spread.

These are the tips for cleaning suede.