Know The Ways To Make Clothes Last Long

It is always nice to keep things simple. The fashion freaks out share one common problem. The branded outfits they buy paying 4 figures fade away in just a single wash. And if the person wearing it is into a tendency to feed delicacies to his clothes, who can help? Today, we will discuss some simple ways to save clothes from fading. Take a look to know how maintain clothes as new as ever. Here are some tips.

1.All the dyed clothes need to be cold washed. Avoid brushing them if they contain sequines and delicate embroideries. Hand wash is the best for any fabric. Drying in a shady area will prevent clothes from losing colour.

2.If you often spill drink on clothes, it is better you prefer outfits in browns, blacks and purple shades as they hide the stains and help you get over with the clumsy moment. For oil spills, we suggest you to add flour or talcum powder immediately to absorb all the oil and hand wash to remove stains easily.

3.The best way to prevent clothes from spoiling is by organising them in a wardrobe. Know where to limit your wardrobe and get rid of the old clothes that you do not use frequently. Too many clothes in wardrobe may make it messy again and unused clothes get sticky, catch mold and mildew and spoil even good ones.

4.Keep your trousers, ironed shirts and coats hung to hangers.Do not fold the thick fabrics as they may lose shape. Dresses, t shirts and sarees can be folded and placed over paper towels.

5.Avoid applying deodorant on clothes as they may stain and weaken the fabric. Spray it on your body before wearing the dress.

6.Do not wash all the coloured clothes together. Wash reds with reds and blues with blues. Light coloured clothes needs to be washed separately.

7.The small damages like a hole or bobbins can be removed by using fabric glue and salt paper. Darning can hide bigger damages.

These are the ways to make clothes last longer.