Know These Cleaning Uses Of Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are filled with healthy proteins, nutrients and vitamins. Citrus fruits like lemon, orange, lime, grapes etc can be used to lose weight and stay healthy. However, there are many more benefits of citrus fruits. Be it for the skin, or for cleaning the house, you can use the peels or pulp of citrus fruits for many other uses.Here are some cleaning uses of citrus fruits.

Cleaning uses of citrus fruits are:

1.Lemon: You can use lemon peels to clean copper and brass metal showpieces and items that get dirty very easily. Even hard plastics, tupperware, glass doors and windows, rust stains from iron metals can be cleaned with the lemon peels. You can also clean stains on clothes and cloth shoes with lemon peels or juice. You can either use lemon peel alone or make a paste of it with citrus acid to get the best results. Keep lemon peel on the garbage disposal area to prevent odour. Rub a fresh slice of lemon on the cutting board to sanitise it and kill the germs. You can also add few drops of lemon juice to make the clothes smell good. Rub lemon slice on the palms to get rid of onion, garlic, fish or chicken smell after cooking.

2.Orange: This fruit peel or pulp can be used in many ways for cleaning. Take the dried orange peel and grind it to a powder. Add few drops of white vinegar and use it as a citrus cleaner. You can rub off stains from metals, glass panes and tables. You can also remove stubborn stains from your light coloured clothes. You can boil few orange peels in water and spray it as a natural fruit air freshener to spread the aroma of oranges. Throw orange peels in the garbage to keep the flies and bugs away. Orange also cuts down strong pungent smell. Put orange peels in the closet to keep away the moths.

3.Grapefruit: We all know that grapefruit is used on the skin as a homemade beauty scrub, face pack or exfoliator. Did you know this fruit has cleaning uses too? For cleaning the house, dry the grapefruit peels and then mix with salt. You can use it as a citrus cleaner to clean metals like iron, steel, brass, marble etc. you can easily remove water stains from the marble floors and bath tub using this homemade citrus fruit cleaner. You might even mix grapefruit peel or juice with white vinegar to clean stained floors.

These are the cleaning uses of citrus fruits.