Know These Easy Ways To Remove Food Stains From Clothes

You don't pay attention while having tasty food and end up spilling some food on your clothes. Food stains on clothes can be strong in colour and difficult to remove. The yellow stain of oil while eating carelessly or cautiously, can spoil your dress. Removing food and oil stains from clothes can be really difficult. Therefore, here are simple methods to get rid of food stains from clothes.

1.To get rid of food stains, always wash the stain immediately. Cleaning dry food stains from clothes is very difficult and time consuming. So, never leave the stain and remove with a wet napkin. If the stain doesn't go then try other ways.

2.Apply liquid detergent or water and detergent solution on the food stain and leave for 3-5 minutes. Wash the food stain and remove it easily! Wet stains can be removed with ease.

3.Dip the stained cloth in warm water and mix a tsp of baking or club soda. Soak the cloth in it for 15-20 minute sand then wash it.

4.If you see the food stain after it has dried, soak in warm water and add detergent. Read the fabric label before soaking in the warm water. Few fabric materials can spoil in hot water so be careful with the water temperature.

5.After soaking the stained cloth in detergent, see if the food stain has lightened or not. Now sprinkle little club soda and rub on the stain till it fades away. Wash the food stain and air dry.

6.You can also rub a lemon slice to get rid of food or oil stains from clothes. Soak the cloth in warm water for 15 minutes and then put a dark colour towel under the cloth to prevent the stain from spreading on the other side of the cloth. Now, rub a lemon slice on the stain. You can also add little salt to remove the stain. Salt can fade the colour of the fabric so try with little salt on the end of the cloth piece before applying on the stain.

7.If the stain doesn't go completely even after rubbing lemon or baking soda then repeat the process. When the stain fades away, wash the cloth and then air dry.

These are the easy ways to remove food stains from clothes.