Know These House Cleaning Tips For Busy Mums

Busy mums, we have a few easy and effective tips that will help you clean your home in no time. Most of all, these house cleaning tips stated below involve only natural products, which are relatively safer for you to use on your appliances at home. A common complaint with working mums is that chemical products tend to stain their appliances.Using natural products like lemon, vinegar and baking soda to remove stains in your home is preferred to chemical products available in the market. These natural home remedies to clean one's home are widely followed by working mums around the world since they are cheaper. Here are some house cleaning tips for busy mums.

1.Cabinets: The oil stain formed on the cabinets can be removed with the help of olive oil. Add a few drops of olive oil on tissue and then gently rub the cabinet to remove the grease.

2.Fridge: Busy working mums can clean their fridge door with potato peels. Boil the peels in hot water and use the water to clean the fridge door. It is an effective home cleaning trick.

3.Dining Table: Dining tables can be cleaned with eucalyptus oil. Rub a small portion of oil on the table and then clean it with a soft cloth. It will remove the bad odour from the table.

4.Stove: One of the best cleaning home tips for working mums is this - Orange peels can be used to remove the oil stains on your gas stove. It will also keep your stove smelling nice.

5.Taps: To make your taps shine in your bathroom, apply a little toothpaste on the taps and then rinse it off using warm water. It is an effective cleaning home tip and trick for working mums.

6.Mirrors: Mirrors can be cleaned with the use of hand wash. Make a solution of half glass of water and a drop of hand wash. Simply pour the solution over the mirror and allow it to dry.

7.Commode: A useful way to clean your commode is by pouring a bottle of soda into the commode. The acid present in the soda will remove the stains in the commode quickly.

8.Bath Tub: Here's another easy cleaning trick for all you working mums - To clean your bath tubs, sprinkle some Baking powder on the bath tub, and after 15 minutes, rinse with warm water.

9.Washing Machine: To clean the washing machine, use a solution of baking soda and vinegar. It helps to remove those harsh stains, leaving it sparkling clean.

10.Inside The Machine: To clean the inside of your washing machine, drop in two caps of white vinegar. Give it a quick rinse and then drain the existing water. This home cleaning tip will help to clean the inside of your washing machine.

These are the house cleaning tips for busy mums.