Know These Natural Room Cooling Tips For Summer

Summer season is creeping in with the heat and rising temperatures. Other than fans and air conditioners, you will have to use natural methods of cooling your room.These natural room cooling methods do not require any superficial force or energy to create a soothing atmosphere. These methods should be used to have a pleasant summer and beat the heat economically.Here are some natural room cooling tips for summer.

1.Proper shading: To beat the heat economically, the best natural room cooling method is to use proper shading. The more sunlight enters the room, the more heat is trapped inside. If proper shading is done, the heat can be evaded and the room can be kept cool in summers. For proper shading, you must use curtains at appropriate places, cover the openings from where sunlight can enter the house and use solar screens, reflectives, among others. These can prevent up to 70 per cent heat from entering the room.

2.Use Cow Dung on the wall: This is a natural room cooling method used in rural parts of the country. In this natural way of cooling room, cow dung is applied on the walls of the room. The cow dung blocks heat from entering the room and keeps it cool. Therefore, you will observe a lot of houses in towns and villages with cow dung applied on their rooms. You can also use cow dung paint on the wall. This method keeps the room so cool that you will not need any air conditioner also.

3.Wash floor and walls: When the room gets heated to a greater extent, you can wash the floors with water to absorb the heat. The heat gets absorbed and the room becomes cooler with this natural way of cooling room. Watering the floors and walls or wiping it is certainly one of the best methods of cooling the room naturally. You can also water the area outside the room premises to ensure that hot wind do not blow inside the room. This is done in a lot of places to avoid heating the room.

4.Keep the light off: Another natural room cooling method is by using minimum lights in the room. Artificial tubes and lights emit heat when they are on. Therefore, use minimum lights to avoid heat from the lights. You can also use minimum light required patterns to decorate the room. This will improve the aesthetics of the room as well as help in naturally cooling the room.

5.Use lighter shades of paint: Light colours have a tendency to reflect light. Hence, you can use lighter colours of paint on the walls and ceilings to prevent heating of the room. Light colours of wall reflect the sunlight and do not absorb heat. The heat does not get stored in the room. This is a good natural method of cooling room.

These are the natural room cleaning tips for summer.