Know These Tips To Clean Jute Baskets

Jute is an environmentally friendly item and 100% biodegradable. First of all ,we should understand that there are different types of jute items in the market. Nowadays jute items are very easily available and are coming in posh styles which tempts us to buy it. Jute products are easily to make and can be used for decorating your house. Jute baskets for example are made stiff with a coating of thin plastic inside which maintains a good shape during the course of its usage. Jute baskets can be used to keep fruits and vegetables or simply store some makeup products.If you think that jute baskets are not easy to clean, then you might be trying the wrong ways. Regular usage and exposure to dirt can damage the jute baskets, so it is vitally important to clean the jute baskets and make them shine like new. Here are some tips for cleaning jute baskets at home. Here are some tips to clean jute baskets.

1.Jute baskets are generally brown in colour and you can use it for various purposes. The light colour highlights the dirt easily. Usually dusting the basket with a cloth piece gives best results.

2.Dry cleaning vacuums are best for cleaning jute baskets. This remove most of the sand, dust and soil particles that hide within the threads. If there are any stains on it, use a wet sponge to wipe it gently to remove it. Dry in the air if necessary. Make sure that the sponge is not too wet or soggy as it may reduce the durability of the material. You should be aware that over-wetting of certain types of jute baskets will reduce the life of the item, and sometimes it can spoil the beauty of the jute items.

3.In order to remove coffee or other stains from the jute baskets or other items, it is better to use a cotton cloth with liquid detergent. Wipe the stain with this first and then wipe gently again with water. This will help in removing the stain. It is always advisable that we use vinegar based solutions to remove heavy stains. 

4.In some cases, it is better to blow or air dry as more amount of moisture can spoil the material. On the other side, using too much of heat to dry may melt the plastic coating inside the jute products. So, always prefer air dry method to increase the longevity of the jute products.

5.Thick jute items that are made for rough use purposes can be water washed as they are made of thicker material and is much more durable. You can get these baskets in local markets. 

6.It is always better to avoid bleaches and alkaline solutions to wash jute baskets at home. It may change the colour of the material and also damage the quality. Using solutions with pH above 9 will cause damage.

These are the tips to clean jute baskets.