Know These Tips To Clean Your Wash Basin

Wash basins are an essential bathroom and home accessory. They are in every home ussd for washing hands, face and so on. Washbasins and bathrooms need to look clean and good. They should be maintained well as it would mark the hygiene level of your house. Cleaning of wash basins must be done regularly especially if the basin is of light colored marble or glass. There is no need of illustrating the basic on how to clean your washbasins but here we will discuss some easy and efficient ways if cleaning your wash basin. You can use these methods to maintain your wash basin and make it look clean and good always.Here are some tips to clean your wash basin.

1.Use a Cleaner: There are many bathroom cleaners that you could use for cleaning your wash basin. You must know how to clean your wash basin using a bathroom cleaner or phenol. Pour some cleaner on the basin and let it stay there for some time. After some time use a brush and scrub the basin thoroughly. The dirt and stains will reduce with the cleaner used. Wash the basin and then repeat if you find it necessary. You must do this atleast once in a wwek to keep your basin clean and good looking. You can also use the same for your kitchen sink and washrooms.

2.Use a natural remedy: There is a natural remedy for cleaning your wash basin and making it germ free. For this natural method you must use lemon juice. Lemon is a good germicide and also helps to work as a bleach for tough stains. Therefore, you can use lemon juice to clean your wash basin. Pour some lemon juice on the basin and keep for some time. After some time brush and scrub the basin and rinse with cold water. Repeat this procedure frequently for good results.

3.Use Coconut Shells: Coconut shells can also be used as a cleaning material for wash basins and other kitchen and home accessories. Coconut shells or coconut hair is a good scrub and can remove every little peck of dirt stuck to your basin. Use ash or a natural cleanser and scrub the wash basin with the coconut remains. This is a great way of cleaning your wash basin without using any external substances. Coconut waste is easily available and will be much more efficient in cleaning your wash basin.

4.Use a bleaching liquid: Wash basins can get yellowish or brownish in color if not washed for a long period of time. You can use synthetic chemical bleaches for cleaning your wash basin. Chemical bleaches make the basin white and new again. These bleaches are good on how to clean your wash basin and should be used frequently. They also make the basin smell great and have a good result overall.

5.Use a disinfectant: A disinfectant including dettol can also help to make the wash basin germ free and clean. It is a great way and an easy way of cleaning your wash basin. Disinfectants are of various kinds and all of them can be used for cleaning wash basins and other house and bathroom accessories.

These are the tips to clean your wash basin.