Know These Tips To Keep Kitchen Towels Clean

Kitchen towels are one of the most important utilitarian materials inside your kitchen, and also are most prone to getting dirty and smelling bad. If one doesn't take care of keeping kitchen towels clean and maintaining their hygiene, they may also lead to health problems.Here are some tips to keep kitchen towels clean.

1.Firstly, always remember that you need to wash the kitchen towels with a good laundry detergent properly after buying, as they have chemical residues and germs on them due to the manufacturing process.

2.Make sure your kitchen towels' cleaning detergents have antimicrobial additives. They will not only help in preventing mildew formation but also in keeping away the smell.

3.A good trick to keep kitchen towels clean and germ free is rinsing them properly and then keeping it in the microwave for 30 seconds. This is bound to kill any bacteria.

4.Always make sure to hang your kitchen towels to dry as soon as you are done with washing them. Never leave them moist, or else the germs might make it their home again.

5.Always try to buy 100% cotton white towels. Though one may think that, they get dirty soon and the stains on them are visible more clearly, it's important to remember that white is easy to bleach too, which helps in keeping kitchen towels clean. Also, the colour won't go away with tough cleaning, like they do with the colourful designer ones.

6.Washing separately with hot water is mandatory for keeping kitchen towels clean. After this you can use bleach, to get them smelling fresh and removing any bad odours from them. Vinegar or baking soda can be used as substitutes. But remember never to use them together.

7.Make sure to not use fabric softeners for kitchen towels cleaning, no matter how tempted you get to do so. Adding them will only reduce the absorption capacity of the towels by coating them with unnecessary chemicals.

8.The other thing you can do in keeping kitchen towels clean is using a good spot/stain cleaner. Put them on to the desired places, and leave them for sometime, around 15 minutes, before rinsing and washing them.

9.If the kitchen towel is very dirty, soak them overnight in hot water. You can use a bleach that's colour safe. This way all the stains would be removed, and the cloth will shine and smell fresh again.

10.You can also use a diluted mix of bleach and sodium bicarbonate to soak your towels overnight. The combination smells bad hence place it in an airy place outside. Then wash them in the machine and hang them to dry. Your kitchen towels will come out smelling great later.

These are the tips to keep kitchen towels.