Know These Tips To Wash And Maintain Teddy Bear

Teddy bears are a precious gift! The more you love them, the more they get dirty. You either store them in a toy cover or use it till the fur of the soft toy spoils. As it is teddy-bear day today, be prepared to save the special gift from dirt and maintain it for longer use. Yes! Soft toys can be cleaned and maintained at home without spoiling the fur. Check out the tips to clean and maintain teddy bears.

1.Always read the label before washing the teddy bear. It is best to read the label before or after buying to remember the instructions. Generally, the print lightens with time therefore making it difficult to wash later.

2.Fill a bucket with warm water and add liquid soap. Lemon soap solution is good to make the teddy smell good after washing.

3.Hand wash the soft toys. Just soak the teddy bear in the soapy solution for 4-5 minutes and then gently rub the soft toy with your fingertips.

4.You can also use a cotton cloth piece to remove dirt from teddy bear. Gently rub the cloth piece on the fur.

5.Clean the ears, tummy, tail, neck and around the eyes with the cloth piece. You can also use towel.

6.Fill the bucket with warm water and wash the teddy bear. To maintain soft toys, never wash them in hot water. It can damage the fur.

7.Wash the teddy bear to remove soap solution absorbed by the fur. After washing it, rub with a dry towel gently.

8.Let the teddy bear air dry. Apply a perfume to make the teddy bear smell good. Maintain it by washing when its too dirty.

These are the tips to wash and maintain teddy bears.