Things That You Can Do With Citrus Peels

Citrus peels can be dipped in tea to give that special taste. Apart from this, you can use citrus peels as a facial scrub or to remove nasty stains from stove. Due to the strong aroma emitted from the citrus peels, it can be best used to give a special smell to your home. Store the peels for a week, add natural citrus oil to it and there, your house spray is ready.Citrus peels include that of oranges, sweet limes and lemons. If you want to use the citrus peel, the first thing you should do is to store them in an air tight jar. This will preserve it from turning dry. When storing the peels, make sure to add a little of natural citrus oil so that the peels do not wither away. Thirdly, when storing orange peels for home use, you have to make sure that the peel has no infection.Here are some things that you can do with citrus peels.

Things that you can do with citrus peels are:

1.Bathe With It: Bathing with a few peels immersed in your bath tub will help to remove the body odour. The best part of this peel is that it also helps to keep your tub clean and sparkling.

2.Add It To Sugar: When you add a few rims of citrus fruit to a container of sugar, you can avoid the lump formation. There are lot of people who use lemon peels for brown sugar.

3.For Your Drawer: Fabric fresheners can now be replaced with fresh citrus peels. All you need to do is drop in a few peels in the drawer. But, make sure you remove it when dry as it it will attract small insects.

4.Use It As A Cleaner: The best thing you can do with citrus peels is to use it as a cleaning agent. It is the best thing to clean wine glasses and steel equipment.

5.Cat Repellent: Cats resent the smell of orange and lemon. Placing them at your doorway and on the window sill will keep them away from your house.

6.Insects Hate It: Insects too hate the smell of citrus peels as it is pungent. For indoor gardens, you can make use of these peels. Place them in your pots to keep insects at bay. 

7.Compost: One of the best things you can do with citrus peels is to use it as compost. The citrus and the acids present in citrus will help to provide a good manure for your plants. 

8.Make Beautiful Jewellery: If you are fond of junk jewellery, then the best thing you can do with citrus peels is to make simple chains and earrings out of it. Make sure that the peels are completely dry and polished to avoid any breakage.

9.Clean That Sink: Citrus peels helps to remove stench and stains from stainless steel sinks. If your sink is stained, add a few peels to a cup of hot water. Pour it down the sink and use the left over peels to vigorously rub the stains.

10.Takes Away Grease: If your kitchen has been the victim of some sloppy sauteing, try using citrus peels. Use lemon halves before you bring out those toxic chemical cleaners.

11.Microwave Friendly: Rather than using strong chemical cleaners to clean your appliances, you can try this trick. Place lemon peels in a bowl filled with water. Now, boil the water for at least 5 minutes, allowing the steam to condense on the walls and top of the oven. When done, carefully remove the the hot bowl and wipe away the mess with the peel, later with a soft towel.

12.Use It As Polish: Dip a halved lemon with the peel in salt or baking powder. Use this to brighten your copper cookware as well as brass, chrome or stainless steel.

13.For The Cutting Board: For those of you who have a cutting board filled with ingredients' stains, you can remove it by rubbing fresh lemon grids on the board. This will lighten the grease allowing it to come out immediately.

These are the things that you can do with citrus peels.