Things That You Can Sun Dry In Summer

The summer sun is out and blazing. It brings with it the discomforts of a hot summer but it is not completely without advantages. Sun drying for example can be a great benefit of the scorching sun. To keep things out in the sun is the best way to remove smells from them. You can also have a set of things to clean that will be complete only after you leave them in the sun light. Here is your summer cleaning list of all the household things that benefit from sun drying.

1.Stinky Shoes: Remember those dirty pair of sneakers that you have stuffed in the corner of your shoe rack? Well they are making the whole cabinet stink and you do not have the heart to throw them away. So keep them out in the sun. Sun light removes sweaty smells from shoes to a great extent. This is specially true for canvas shoes.

2.Damp Bags: The old hand bags that have been stuffed at the back end of your cupboard for an year deserve a last chance. Lay them out in the sun to get rid of that damp smell from them. Usually this smell comes from keeping them in close contact with the wall for a long time or packing them off when they are still wet.

3.Moldy Leather: You cannot usually have leather on your things to clean list every now and then. It is terribly time consuming to clean leather. Leather on your furniture and apparel develops mold very quickly during the rainy season. Sun drying it is the best way to kill the mildew and clean it out from the roots.

4.Spices: In most Indian homes the spices for the whole year are dried and stored during summer. It is going out of practice in modern metro cities but that is the way you get the best and richest spices ever. Red chillies, cumin, pepper, cinnamon and various other Indian spices are first died to concentrate their flavour so that they can be stored in jars for longer period of time.

5.Pickles: Summer is the time of mangoes and the pickles. Most of the pickles cannot be made without sun drying. You will still see grandmothers sitting out in the sun with their priced jars of pickle on summer afternoons. Sun light is like an anti septic for food.

6.Damp Powder: You may have accidentally dropped some liquid into the powdered substances in your house like washing powder or baking soda. Keeping it out in the sun will evaporate the moisture from it restoring it back to normal.

7.Termite Infested Wood: When termites attack your wooden furniture then it is all but over. You can still give it a last try with your good fried, the sun. Medicate the wood with anti termite chemicals and give it a sun bath.

These are the things that you can sun dry in summer.