Tips To Clean Bean Bags At Home


Bean bag is the latest decor item found in every house. They are not just favourite of youngsters but are comfortable too. Bean bags come in two different styles; cloth coverings and vinyl coverings. As they are filthy and unstructured, cleaning bean bags can be tricky. To make it easier,here are some tips to clean that.

Tips To Clean Bean Bags At Home are:

1.Suede covers should be cleaned everyday. If the stains are dry, use a suede eraser or spray the cover. Rub with damp cloth piece and follow up with a dry cloth piece.

2.If your bean bag stinks of sweat or stain, sprinkle baking soda. Mix baking soda in water and spray on the bean bag. You can also damp a cloth in the solution and rub on the stain.

3.If your bean bag has cotton fabric, just take out the cover and wash in machine. Wash cotton fabric in lukewarm or cold water and detergent. Air dry and then cover the bean bag with a clean this clean cover.

4.To keep leather bean bags clean, dust everyday with a clean cloth piece. You should use a wet towel to clean the bean bag at least once in a month. Follow up with a leather conditioner.

5.Vinyl bean bags are difficult to wash. Clean them with damp cloth piece. Soak the cloth piece in soapy water. Rub the cover with it. If stains are too strong, scrub the bean bag with a soft toothbrush. Wipe the bean bag cover with a dry cloth after cleaning.

6.Clean velvet bean bag with a dry cloth. You can also scrub with a dry toothbrush to remove stains form it.

7.Always remove dust from the bean bag. This keeps it cleans and maintains the quality. Use a cotton cloth to clean the bean bag regularly.

These are the cleaning tips for bean bags.