Tips To Clean Window Curtains

One of the most attractive part of a home decor are the window drapes and if they are dirty, they spoil the overall look of the house.Here are some tips to clean window curtains.

Tips To Clean Window Curtains are:

1.Soak the dirty curtains in hot water and solution, then hand wash it with a soap solution. Adding fabric conditioners will not only condition the curtains but makes the fabric smell good.

2.While drying curtains, dry it in the bright sunlight so the germs and fungi are killed. Do not fold the curtains until they are thoroughly dry. Iron the cotton curtains and put them back to beautify your windows.

3.Dust the curtains with the help of your kid’s wooden bat and then vacuum clean the curtains thoroughly. Now, your curtains are ready for stain removal.

4.For coffee or tea stains, dab a clean cloth with dishwater detergent. This will successfully remove the beverage stains.

5.Wash the curtains according to the tag instructions. If it is to dry clean then dry clean it to avoid further damage.

These are the tips to clean window curtains.