Tips For Wash And Clean A Purse

Purses, handbags and other luggage bags require cleaning as even they may smell bad and fade too fast like clothes. Apart from washing and cleaning bags, organising plays an important role to ease you pick the right things too quickly. Today, we shall tell you how to clean purse easily and organise it. Take a look. It is ok if you keep switching purses to suit your dress. Maintenance and washing bags will help you preserve those bags for however long you want.

1.Empty all the contents of the purse or bag. If your purse is a fabric, then it can washed in mild soap water and dried in shade.

2.If the bag is not a fabric, then it can vaccuum cleaned and dried in sun. Do not forget to clean up all the zipped small pockets. The leather bags can be wiped with wet cotton. A suede cleaner can be used to clean a suede purse. Velvet and silk purses can be given for dry clean.

3.Flip the bags inside out and use your old tooth brush to pick all the fine dust. Do not stuff coins directly into bags as the weight of the metal can loosen the lining of the bag. Maintain a small bag to store all the small changes.

4.Buy a rectangular wallet that will help you spread out the currencies neatly and help you pick up the right money and not mess up and lose.

5.Make small sealed satchets of sandal power or lavender powder and place in the portion of the bag that you don't use often. This will avoid your bags smelling bad.

6.When not in use preserve them in paper bags and sun dry them often.

Clean purses and washed bags will in a way reflect how clean and a good housekeeper you are so maintain them as colourful and stylish they are.