Tips To Maintain Expensive Rug

Rugs add beauty and splendour to your rooms. Having a rug is the best way to make your room look elegant. It is available in different textures, colours and patterns. Wool rugs are the most preferred option when decorating a house. If given proper care, you can pass your wool rug to generations. Even though the quality of the rug declines over time, you can try some methods to delay the aging itself.Different types of rugs available in the market include handmade, contemporary and antique. No matter which among those you have, any damage to your favourite rug is enough to spoil your room. Take care to prevent any sort of damages to the rug as it will be difficult to repair them. Apart from the sensitivity of the fabric used in the rug, the way you handle it also plays an important role in determining the life of your rug.Here are some tips to maintain expensive rug.

Tips to maintain expensive rug are:

1.Dusting and washing: Before washing the rug, remove all the possible dust particles from it. You may try a vacuum cleaner for this. This will make the washing process more easy and successful. After dusting, the next step in caring for a wool rug is washing. Use specialised shampoo available for your rug, based on its colour and sensitivity.

2.Drying: While drying your rugs, it is better not to squeeze it to remove excess water. Gently press to remove water and then, hang it for some time. Air drying may take 24 to 48 hours, but it will be the best option for caring a wool rug. Remember to avoid sun fade as well.

3.Vacuum cleaning: If you are ready to spend some time and effort, it is not a difficult task to implement home improvement tips for cleaning rugs. Clean your rug once in two days with a vacuum cleaner. This will help you keep your rug neat and clean and will cut the necessity of washing it weekly.

4.Get the help of professionals: If you find it difficult to clean your rug of your own, the next best option is to get the help of professionals. This will help in keeping the rugs free from any sort of damage that may occur during the home washing procedure.

5.Rotate your rug: It is one of the important home improvement tips for rugs. You have to rotate your rugs in a fixed interval to avoid unnecessary marks and damages. This will help prevent marks made by walking over the same spots and impressions of potted plants or furniture.

6.Take care of pets: Be careful while leaving your pets on the rugs. Caring a wool rug will be difficult if you fail in cleaning it regularly after your pet pee or poop on it. Scratching and biting the rug by pets will also damage it.

7.Inspect Regularly:If you are careless in doing the necessary maintenance at the right time, you may spoil your rug. Be strict on inspecting your rug regularly, especially if it has some part under furniture or in the dark. Inspect for moths and insects as well.

These are the tips to maintain expensive rug.