To Keep Kitchen Shelves Clean

A busy kitchen requires regular cleaning. A lot of families not only cook in the kitchen but also have their meals there. Hence, it becomes more essential that this place remains healthy and clean even more than before.Now, keeping the kitchen clean is not so difficult but for this it is essential for you to know some time saving hacks, especially when it come to cleaning the shelves and cabinets on the kitchen.

Kitchen cabinets constantly come in contact with steam, grease and grim, dirt, stains, condensation and thus can become a breeding ground for germs.Kitchen shelves provide great storage space and helps in organizing the kitchen for your convenience. They are most prone to getting messed up while the cooking process as they face they bear the after effects of things getting dropped, burned, fried, steamed, boiled etc. Here are some tips to keep kitchen shelves clean.

Tips to keep kitchen shelves clean are:

1.Frequent Polishing: If you have wooden shelves then you need to take care while cleaning. One must not forget that heat and humidity damage the wood thus frequent waxing and polishing is necessary. For cleaning these you must use a no-bleach anti-bacterial cleaner, wipe without getting it much wet and then finally wipe again with another dry piece of cloth.

2.White vinegar: If you have painted shelves then you can use some diluted white vinegar or some all purpose cleaner to wipe of the dirt and grease from them. Remember not to use harsh cleaners or you will ruin the surface.

3.Bleach: The laminated surfaces of the shelves need to be disinfected with the help of diluted all purpose kitchen cleaner. You can even use a solution of 1 tablespoon of bleach to 1/4 of water.

4.Edges: Never forget to pay attention on the seams, edges and cracks, if any. You can use a small brush to scrape of the dirt that has accumulated in these places.

5.Baking soda and water: If you are dealing with a very stubborn stain that is not going away even after wiping a number of times you can use a mixture of baking soda and water. Form a paste with the given two ingredients and rub the stain with it. It will help in loosening the stain and finally cleaning it perfectly.

6.Lemon juice: Lemon juice is also a very effective remedy for getting rid of stains from shelves. Soak a piece of cloth and place it on the stain for a few minutes. The rub of the surface after the stain has been loosened by the lemon juice.

7.Paint: Treat the metallic shelves just as you do with the painted ones using a solution of white vinegar and water. Make sure to check any rusted areas and do the touch up with paint if required.

8.Shelf Papers: If you wish to keep the surfaces of your kitchen shelves clean and preserved for a long duration then do not underestimate the importance of shelf papers. They make cleaning easier while keeping the shelves safe from condensation, stains, grease etc.

These are the tips to keep kitchen shelves clean.