Ways To Choose The Perfect Window Curtains

Style and look are always at the top of the list when choosing new window furnishings, but with energy costs on the rise, insulation performance and functionality of your window coverings are important to consider also.


If you like to get lots of light in during the day, you can select the best covering for your window.


Window coverings can assist greatly in keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter. Full-length curtains with an attached blockout lining and a pelmet over the top are still the top performing choice for insulation.The pelmet traps the airflow coming through the top of the window, and returning thecurtains to the wall stops airflow leaking at the sides.

Insulation can be further improved by making the curtains longer than floor length and puddling them on the ground, however having them sit just one centimeter off the ground, which is the most popular choice, will still give you a great result.

In modern houses we want to be able to operate everything from our remote control, or even better, how about being able to open and shut your blinds at home by pushing a few keys on your computer at work?!

Motorised blinds, curtains, shutters, roman blinds and venetians are so popular, and have become more affordable in recent times. Motorized window coverings are easily connected to your existing home automation system, orcan be operated through radio transmission if you don’t have home automation.

For those of you who cannot get electrical power run to your window, you don’t have to miss out, there is the option of battery operated systems for roller, venetian and roman blinds.


With both ready made and custom-made options available, you can furnish your windows according to your budget.If you looking for plantation shutters, quality blinds and curtains that would always recommend.asking a professional to measure up and offer you some advice.


“The Finishing Touch”. There are so many exciting fabrics, styles and textures to choose from. Your curtains, blinds and shutters can really change the look of a room, and tie all of your furnishings together.

A window covering can either be the focal point of the room by choosing a fabric or colour with a huge wow factor, or you can opt for a selection that simply complements the other furnishings in your room.Either way selecting window coverings is a fun part of decorating and styling your home!