Ways To Clean Leather Purses Naturally

No women will be out there who don’t love to have an eye catching purse, not just to store their belongings, but to make other women envious. Then, for sure, they will opt for leather purses that offer all the expected elegant and decent look. This doesn’t mean that leather purses are limited only to women. Ask any men and the majority among them will be having a leather purse in their pocket.But, problem arises when it comes to cleaning leather purses. All those reasons that made leather purse your favourite will become the reasons for not using normal cleaning methods to clean it. Leather purses can be stylish and trendy, but it will get dull over time with regular use and most importantly if not used regularly.Here are some ways to clean leather purses naturally.

Ways to clean leather purses naturally are:

1.Water and detergent: Take a spray bottle and mix distilled water with a few drops of a very mild liquid detergent. Mix this well and spray it onto a soft microfibre cloth and rub. Instead of detergent, you can also use body wash, face wash, or baby wash.

2.Wipe with dry cloth: If you want to apply some tips for cleaning leather purse, here is the simplest option for you. If you are looking forward to remove grease and oil stains, wipe it off with a clean and dry cotton cloth. This can also be considered as the first step among the best ways to clean leather purses.

3.Don’ts: Never use oil, polish, and any product containing waxes or silicone on your leather purse. Avoid the use of varnish, or ammonia-based cleaners and bleach. Using this may result in damage or discoloration.

4.Use alcohol: Ink stains are the most common nuisance while trying to clean leather purses. One of the most useful tips for cleaning leather purse is to wipe the ink stains with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. Dry the area with a dryer on its lowest setting.

5.Recondition: If you occasionally do reconditioning, your leather purse will never beat its freshness. Mix one part distilled white vinegar with two parts linseed oil and shake well. Apply this to the leather in a circular motion and wipe off after 10 minutes.

6.Be gentle: Never treat your leather neither purses hard, nor use any harsh chemicals, Rubbing or scratching it heavily will leave damages on the leather. It will also cause the stains to travel inward, which will make the condition even worse. Treating leather gently is one of the best ways to clean leather purses.

7.Dark stains: If you want to get some tips for cleaning leather purses for any dark stains like food or blood stains, tartar and lemon juice are the best choice. Mix one part cream of tartar to one part lemon juice and make a paste. Rub this on the stain and wipe off with a damp cloth.

These are the ways to clean leather purses naturally.