Ways To Decorate Home With Lanterns

There are several creative ways to decorate your home with lights.  One of the essential home decor tips is to do the same with a hint of difference. Lantern decoration is in vogue this days.Here are some ways to decorate home with lanterns.

Ways to decorate home with lanterns are:

1.Bedroom: This is one of the most ideal places to use a lantern. Go for a pick of plain, simple and colourful lanterns. This will increase the romantic ambiance of your room all the more. Take 2-3 lanterns of different colours and hang it from the ceiling of your bedroom. But before that you need to call in an electrician and fix the electric connections from the ceiling. Do it and see that how it adds a zing to your love life. This is one of the best home decor tips that can be very conveniently put into practice.

2.Drawing Room: Now this is where all the people come and sit down. And as we know that first impression is always the last impression. So, go for lantern decoration for this room of yours. Pick any one of the four corners of the room and hang 1-2 bright lanterns from the corner. Make sure that there is an electric connection over the place you will hang the lanterns. They must not be false lantern decorations. If so, you shall incur a negative impression in the minds of people.

3.Dining Room: There is just one apt place for lantern decoration in your dining room. And that is the centre of the room. Its best that you pick a red Chinese pattern hanging lantern for this purpose. Red is believed to be a colour that stimulates hunger. And hence, a red lantern in your dining room shall aggravate the hunger of your loved ones all the more.

4.Balcony: If you have a nice little balcony in your home, then there can be no better place to go for lantern decoration. Take 3-4 colourful lanterns and hang it in your balcony. Keep the lights in the evenings and see how many complements you get for this awesome way to decorate your home.

5.Kids Room: In order to go for a lantern decoration that shall be liked by your kids, you need to choose from abstract patterns of lanterns. Select the ones with some cartoon figures and hang it in the corner of their rooms. This will be a great treat to their eyes.

These are the ways to decorate home with lanterns.