Alpesh Thakor quits Congress, rules out joining BJP

In a setback to the Congress in Gujarat, days before the Lok Sabha elections, OBC leader Alpesh Thakor on Wednesday quit the party.

Alpesh, appointed national secretary after joining the party in 2017, said in a letter to Gujarat Congress chief Amit Chavda that he was resigning from all the posts in the party due to insults and betrayal.

"I should not stay in a party where I am being insulted, ignored and betrayed," he said.

"Poor youth of my community were angry and upset as they were ignored and insulted. For me, Thakor Sena is supreme....My Sena had asked me to leave a party if we are ignored, insulted and cheated there," he added in the letter.

Addressing a press conference, Alpesh said he was not joining the ruling BJP.

"Thakor Sena helped Congress win almost 43 seats during the 2017 Assembly polls. But our youth were sidelined and even humiliated after the elections got over. I had repeatedly asked the party leaders to give suitable posts to our youth in their organisation," he said.