CoA's decision arbitrary and wrong: Former BCCI lawyer

BCCI's former principal legal advisor Usha Nath Banerjee questioned the Committee of Administrators' decision to debar three affiliated units, including Tamil Nadu from attending the Board's AGM and termed it "utterly arbitrary and wrong".

In a letter to Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Haryana cricket associations, the CoA has stated that the three units have not amended their Constitutions in terms with the BCCI Constitution approved by the Supreme Court and hence they cannot attend the Annual General Meeting scheduled to be held in Mumbai on October 23.

Usha Nath, however, said if any state association is non-compliant of the mandated changes, it can only be deprived of financial grants and benefits for the first year and cannot be stopped from attending the AGM.

"Once a state association is admitted and acknowledged as Full Member, it's legal and constitutional rights of attending General Meetings with voting rights and to seek election cannot be curtailed or taken away by any decision of a group of individuals, unless visited with arbitrary and illegal decision making process. Even the General Body of BCCI cannot do so," Usha Nath told.