Harsh Vardhan slams Rahul, says no vaccine for 'virus of ignorance'

New Delhi: Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan on Friday hit back at Rahul Gandhi for raising questions over the COVID-19 vaccine availability in the country, saying the Congress is in need of a leadership haul.

Vardhan also said that there is no vaccine for the virus of arrogance and ignorance.

"Just yesterday, I put out facts on vaccine availability for the month of July. What is @RahulGandhi Ji's problem ?Does he not read ? Does he not understand ? There is no vaccine for the virus of arrogance and ignorance !! @INCIndia must think of a leadership overhaul !," Vardhan tweeted.

Earlier, Rahul had said in a tweet in Hindi that July has come but vaccines have not.

Vardhan said that various leaders were making 'irresponsible statements' about the COVID-19 vaccination drive and requested them to desist from the 'shameless urge to play politics' in the midst of a pandemic.