I am 'not a Shahenshah or an imperious ruler': PM on personal security

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said he is "not a Shahenshah or an imperious ruler" unaffected by the warmth of the people and gains strength from his interactions with the public.

The prime minister said he cannot remain seated in his car when he sees a lot of people out on the streets to greet and welcome him.

I am not a Shahenshah or an imperious ruler who is unaffected by their warmth. Being among people gives me lot of strength, Modi said in an interview to 'Swarajya', an online magazine, amid reports of an "all time high" security threat to him.

"Whenever I am travelling, I see that a lot of people, from all age groups and sections of society, are out on the streets to greet me and welcome me. I can't just remain seated in my car, aloof from their display of affection and care. That is why I invariably get down and greet, interact with people as much as I can", Modi said.

The home ministry recently drafted a new set of guidelines on the prime minister's security.

Officials said there was "an all time high" threat to the prime minister and described him as the "most valuable target" in the run-up to the 2019 general elections.