Opposition alliance will take on BJP-Shiv Sena with full might: NCP

The alliance of opposition parties will contest the upcoming Maharashtra Assembly polls with full strength, aiming to dislodge the BJP-led government from power, NCP leader Nawab Malik said.

Malik, chief spokesperson of the NCP, a key opposition party, said the Lok Sabha and Assembly polls have separate equations and added the anti-NDA parties will highlight the "failures" of the BJP-led government in the state ahead of the elections, due in September-October.

"We will contest the elections with all our might through the alliance, highlighting the failures of the BJP- Shiv Sena government to dislodge it from power," Malik said.

The grand alliance led by the Congress-NCP combine faced drubbing in the general elections in Maharashtra.

The NCP won four seats in the state, while the Congress had to settle with just one constituency.

On the other hand, the BJP won 23 Lok Sabha seats, while the Shiv Sena emerged victorious in 18 constituencies in the state, which sends 48 MPs to the Lower House of Parliament.