PM rips into Congress for spreading 'lies and rumours' on Dalit, farmer issues

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a scathing attack on Opposition Congress for spreading "lies and rumours" on issues ranging from dilution of anti-Dalit atrocities law to farmer issues, saying people who are used to worshipping a family have started opposing the country in their zeal to oppose Modi.

Speaking at a public rally after inaugurating the Rs 11,000-crore Eastern Peripheral Expressway, he said the Congress was "openly" spreading lies for its narrow political gains.

"People used to worshipping one family cannot worship democracy," he said.

After losing elections, they are rattled. "Modi ke virodh mein desh ka virodh karne lage hai (in opposing Modi, they have started opposing the country)," he said.

At the rally, which came a day before by-elections in neighbouring Kairana Lok Sabha constituency, he asked citizens to see who are the people on either side.

"On that side are the people for whom their family is the country. For me, my country is my family," he said.