Rajinikanth backs PM Modi

Top Tamil actor Rajinikanth virtually threw his weight behind Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying he was 'stronger' than '10 persons' aligning against him.

The superstar's remarks came amid speculation that opposition parties are looking at a mega coalition against the Modi government for the 2019 Lok Sabha polls.

"When 10 persons go against one person, who is stronger? Those 10, or the persons they are aligning against. If 10 persons declare a war against one man, who is stronger," he told reporters when questioned on the possibility of an alliance by opposition parties.

On Monday, Rajinikanth had said that "they (opposition parties) feel that way, then it should be definitely like that," when responding to a question whether the BJP was such a 'dangerous' party electorally, that warranted formation of a mega national alliance against it.

Asked if Modi was "stronger" and whether he was implying it with his statement, the actor said he "can't be more clear."

Rajinikanth again insisted that when ten persons join hands against one man, apparently Modi, the latter is stronger.