Clampdown on Covid-19 information will be treated as contempt of court: SC

New Delhi: During the Supreme Court hearing on Covid-19 situation across the country, Justice D.Y Chandrachud on Friday said that if citizens are voicing concerns and grievances on social media, there cannot be any clampdown on them.

"I am flagging an issue of grave concern. If citizens communicate their grievances on social media or news, there is no reason to presume that's not correct. There cannot be a clampdown on information," said Justice Chandrachud.

He further added, "Let a strong message go across to all states that we will consider it a contempt of this court if any citizen is harassed for making a plea on social media or media for making a plea for oxygen or beds etc."

The court has said there should not be any presumption that grievances raised on the internet by citizens are false.

The Centre had recently issued an order to Twitter saying some tweets on Covid were not in compliance with India's IT law.

Twitter removed several tweets made by some popular handles, including handles belonging to Member of Parliament Revanth Reddy, West Bengal Minister Moloy Ghatak, following the order.