'Superstitious' couple murder 2 daughters in Andhra Pradesh

Chittoor: In a shocking incident, a couple allegedly bludgeoned their two young daughters to death with a blunt weapon, suspected to be a dumbbell, at their house in Shiva Nagar on the outskirts of Madanapalle late Sunday night.

The couple --  Padmaja and Purushottam Naidu -- are working as a correspondent of a private school and principal of women’s degree college in the town. Their elder daughter Alekhya (27) completed her Master’s degree in Bhopal, while the younger one Sai Divya (22) did BBA.

Divya who was a student of A.R Rahman Music School in Mumbai, returned home after the Covid-induced lockdown.

Madanapalle DSP Ravi Manohara Chari said the family members had been behaving strangely since the outbreak of Covid-19 by confining themselves to their house most of the time.

On hearing strange and loud noises from the house, locals alerted the police. Initially, the couple prevented the police from entering the house. When the police entered the house, they found one of the girls lying dead in 'puja' room, while the other in another room covered with red colour cloth and some 'puja' material around her body.

“During our preliminary investigation, the couple seem to be highly superstitious as they asked us to keep the bodies in the house for a day stating that their daughters would come back to life,’’ the DSP said.

The couple also told the police that they received a divine message to sacrifice their daughters as the 'Kali Yuga' was going to end tonight and they would get rebirth tomorrow in the beginning of 'Satya Yuga'.



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