Twitter appoints Jeremy Kessel as new Grievance Officer

New Delhi: Twitter appointed California-based Jeremy Kessel as the new Grievance Officer for India, as required under the new Information Technology Rules, 2021, hours after Dharmendra Chatur quit from the post.

His appointment, however, is not seen to be in line with new IT rules guidelines, which mandate that the grievance redressal officer should be a resident of India.

Kessel is the Global Legal Policy Director of Twitter.

The development comes at a time when the micro-blogging platform has been engaged in a tussle with the Indian government over the new social media rules. The government has slammed Twitter for deliberate defiance and failure to comply with the country's new IT rules.

The new rules, which came into effect from May 25 mandate social media companies to establish a grievance redressal mechanism for resolving complaints from the users or victims.