U'khand govt mulls banning mobile phones in classrooms

Uttarakhand government is contemplating a ban on mobile phones in college classrooms, if a majority of students feel it is a good move.

"A poll will soon be conducted in colleges of the state to take the opinion of students on a proposed ban on use of mobile phones in classrooms and if 51 per cent of them vote in favour of the ban, we will go ahead with it," Uttarakhand's Higher Education Minister Dhan Singh Rawat said.

The step is aimed at addressing growing concern of teachers and parents over excessive use of mobile phones by students in classrooms, the minister said.

Helping students focus better on classroom lectures is the sole purpose of the proposed move, Rawat said.

He clarified that the state government was not interested in encroaching upon the individual freedom of students but keen to save them from the distraction caused by mobile phones and help them concentrate better when a class is being held.