World can see new-found confidence of New India: PM

The entire world can see the new-found confidence of New India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said.

Addressing BJP's campaign rallies for the October 21 Maharashtra Assembly elections at Pune, Satara and Parli, Modi also said that despite a lot of talk in the last 70 years, it was only his government which dared abrogate Article 370.

"The entire world can see the new-found confidence of New India. Everyone can feel the change. They are discussing 'HowdyModi' (event in the U.S)," Modi said at the Pune rally.

"Haven't you felt the effect of the New India in the last 100 days of our second term? Do you see its power? Do you see its decision-making abilities and clarity in ideas?" Modi asked the crowds.

"Since the last 70 years, the entire country was facing the hurdle of Article 370. There was a lot of talk to remove it, but no one dared to do it. Was this the first government in India with a full majority? No, it is not," he said.

Modi said the decision (to abrogate Article 370) wasn't an easy one to make.

"Whenever we bring a change to the ongoing situation, protests are expected. But the India of 21st century will not stop at the ongoing situation, and isn't afraid of changes," he said.