Know The Reasons Why Everyone Needs A Bestie At Work

There are many things that we all look forward to start our day with. Lack of motivation, work pressure and working for long hours makes life miserable. To stay motivated and to have positive energy within us, we need positive things around us. We all need to have at least one bestie in our office to make our life easy. Working in a friendly environment makes the work easy and you can meet your targets easily than just being glued to your seat for so long. Having a bestie at work helps you be stress free as you can discuss many things. What better way to enjoy life and work at the same time than with a good bestie. In this article, let us discuss the reasons why everyone needs a bestie at work.

1.Saviour: If you are late and are rushing to work like a bull, the only source who can tell you if your boss is irritated is your bestie. Just make a call to them to check if your boss has arrived before you to help you be prepared to get scoldings.

2.Best Listener: You got jacked in a meeting or the boss fired up at you, who else will you share this frustration with? Any doubts? Its obviously your bestie. You crib, cry and again feel better after venting it out to them.

3.Gossip Buddy: Girls love to gossip and working like a silent clone makes you unproductive and boring. Having a gossip session with your bestie helps you to refresh your mind. This is one of the reason why we need to have a bestie at work.

4.Lunch Partner: For how long are you going to have your meal all alone. This makes you only feel like a loser. Discussion over a good lunch break helps you refresh your mind in a better way and work productively.

5.Coffee Breaks: When you get up to grab a cup of coffee in the midst of your busy work schedule, a little chat with your bestie peps up your mood. Instead of being sleepy, you look forward to complete your tasks.

6.New Eye Candy At Work: When you see a new eye candy you go gaga about them infront of your bestie. Imagine if you had to just hold your emotions in without expressing it to anybody. Life would be boring.

7.Supporter: When you lie to your boss, you know thatyour best friend is laughing silently at your side. It is fun to share some naughty moments with them.

8.Source Of The Best Advice: If you are not satisfied with your current job and are looking for a switch then you can see your bestie give you ideas. He/she help you realise your strengths and weaknesses and decide about the switch in a proper way.

These are reasons why everyone needs a bestie at work.