Know The Salary Negotation Tips

Negotiating your salary can be tricky and complicated. You need to be careful while negotiating so that you don’t give off the wrong impression. You need to act tactfully and be very professional in your approach. You image shouldn’t suffer because of your approach, and for that you need to keep certain points in mind. Here are 5 tips to keep in mind for salary negotiation.

1.Don’t initiate the conversation about salary: Once they have shown interest in you, are impressed by your skills and are willing to give you the offer letter then the topic of the salary should be raised. This way you will be sure that they are willing to give you the job and now would be the correct time to talk about the salary negotiations, once they tell you the package. Talking about the salary at an early stage would be a put off for them and all the attention will get diverted.

2.You should be aware about the worth of your skills: It is essential to have knowledge about how much salary the industry usually offers according to the kind of experience and skills you have. Since you have done an overall study you can use the knowledge in your favor for the negotiation. You need to demonstrate your strengths in terms of job profile. Compare your previous pay package and your increased experience and negotiate.

3.Don’t appear to be needy for the position: Even if you need to walk away and decline their offer, then do so without any hesitation. This will show your confidence that you know your worth and you are sure of bagging a good position elsewhere. If you show that you don’t need the job and they really want you, then they might come to an agreement for your salary. There is a risk factor involved; they might not call you back but to get a salary that you deserve you need to take risks.

4.Negotiate and compromise with the other benefits: Your pay package may not be exactly what you were expecting, but you need to look into the other benefits that the company is offering. Inquire about the appraisals, increments, promotions, health benefits, travel benefits, etc. If the overall package is much better than the figure you had in mind then you could consider compromising. If they aren’t ready to negotiate the salary ask for some additional benefits.

5.Don’t sound demanding: They are the ones who are offering you the job and you have applied for it, you cannot sound demanding in any way. You should ask and keep your expectation in front of them and allow them to respond. Do not quote a specific figure; you could present your expectations tentatively by providing a range.

These are the salary negotiation tips to know.