Know These Reasons Why Employees Quit Jobs

Finding a job that pays you well is not enough. There is a lot more to the concept of a ‘satisfying job’. In current times, the employer’s credibility and behavior is as much important as that of the employees. If companies want to hire the best of professionals, then those employees expect the best treatment too. In the event of employers not keeping their staff happy, the HR faces a lot of stress and has to constantly deal with resignations and finding replacements. The main reasons why most employees quit their jobs these days are listed here.

1.Poor Pay: That’s the most obvious reason of all. You work to earn money, which you need to sustain yourself and your family. And if a job is unable to fulfill this very basic requirement of yours, then you’d obviously feel like quitting. Why slog hard on something that’s not helping you fulfill the purpose of taking a job in the first place?

2.Uninspiring Work: You must feel happy at work. You must feel satisfied with what you do, and more importantly, enjoy it. When you start to feel bored at your job, or feel that it’s not throwing enough challenges at you and is not giving you an opportunity to grow, you end up looking for a change. It could be a change in your profile or designation, or simply the area of work, the field, the industry or the specialization itself.

3.Bad Employee Benefits: Some companies have very bad policies on giving leaves and offering benefits to the employees. If your HR is too difficult to deal with or if the company is not offering any good perks and benefits to you, then you’d rather look for something else. After all, each company these days offers good perks, policies and benefits to employees to retain them, and if yours isn’t offering something good, then you have no reason to stay.

4.Poor Relationship With Coworkers: Sometimes you want to work in a company where your colleagues are of the same or better intellect. At other times, you are okay working with slightly slow co-workers, as long as you can make good friends with them. But if you are dealing with a mix of lethargic, mean, bullying, uninspiring, scheming, and dumb co-workers, then you are bound to get frustrated. Mutual respect between coworkers is as important as between a boss and his juniors.

5.No Recognition: The worst of all jobs is the one where you slog the whole day, only to get more work. There is no recognition whatsoever. Forget about appraisals and pay hikes or bonuses, your boss and colleagues don’t even appreciate you verbally. Those kinds of jobs and workplaces make you feel unimportant, and it’s natural for people to quit in such circumstances.

6.Better Offer In Hand: If you happen to be a decently known professional where competitors and counterparts in rival companies are tracking you constantly, then chances are that you will be in demand. You’d get better-paying and more lucrative offers from other companies who’d be more than happy to use your expertise to help them grow. In such cases, you obviously want to quit your current job because you know that you’d be taken care of in a better manner in the other company. Such kinds of offers are very common for highly paid and top level employees like Editors, Chairpersons, and Marketing Heads etc.

7.Time For Personal Growth: Sometimes, employees quit a job when they have personal passions to pursue full-time, or when they want to go for higher or further education. Some people just want to take a break and do other things, while others want to learn new things and change work fields maybe. Personal growth and enhancement is very important in life, and there is nothing wrong in people wanting to do that.

It is crucial for companies and their management authorities to realize that good employees these days can be hard to find. Hence, it’s vital to provide a good working atmosphere for employees to grow, prosper, feel important and deliver good results. It will only work in favor of the company, as it will benefit a lot out of hard-working and happy employees.