Know These Ways To Impress Your Boss With Your Work

Impressing your boss with your work will go a long way in charting your career path and determining your future in the organization and there onward. No matter how long you plan to stick to the current organization, how much growth you can achieve in the stipulated time period will also reflect in your resume and will eventually get you better job offers should you seek to switch in the future. Listed here are 7 ways to impress your boss with your work.

1.Imitate your boss: The first trick is to imitate your boss. Note his/her mannerisms, habits, way and style of handling things, and just imitate them. Pretend you are the boss and do exactly as he/she would have done it. Whether it is sending emails or a way of speaking over the phone, or even making a presentation, know what he/she would do in a similar situation and how he/she would have done it, and just imitate it. When you act or even pretend to act like just your boss, he/she is bound to like you more than others! It is human psychology to get attracted to and like people who are more like us.

2.Share inside information: You should be your boss’s information provider. Gossips and rumors go around in workplaces everywhere but higher up in the administrative hierarchy, these tend to fade away and hardly reach the ears of those who are the head honchos. So you should be the trusted one who has easy access both higher up and lower end of this hierarchical ladder and be able to give critical information about what people are thinking and talking about. But you must be very careful when you do this, because you do not want to infuriate anyone or fall in your coworkers’ bad books. Just share as much as is safe and do not put anybody’s head under a guillotine.

3.Flatter him/her: No matter how egregious it sounds, but this is exactly how the real world works, sadly. You have to and must suck up to your boss in order to move ahead in your career at a relatively faster pace than your coworkers. The risk of being accused of debauchery behind your back will always be there if you are our boss’s favorite, but you know what you want and what others think or say behind your back really does not matter. Subtle flattery will go a long way in determining where you are headed in the organization.

4.Show your boss you are focused: You must do this by being able to say ‘No’ as more or less everyone takes up more work than they can handle just in the hope of climbing up the success ladder faster, but eventually everything comes apart when they realize that it is too much to be done in a given time and by one person. So you must know when and to whom to say ‘No’ and for what reason. Declining help to your colleague because you have something to do for your boss will show how focused you are and what you consider more important. However, you must also be able to say ‘No’ to your boss if he/she gives you more work than is feasible. But of course, you would do it in a subtle way by asking him/her which task should be prioritized and be completed first and which ones can be postponed without much hitch.

5.Maintain cleanliness and hygiene: Your looks and appearance matter. Period. Not because you are a woman, but because you are in a social organization where how you look and dress up sends several messages to other people (including your boss) about your personal hygiene and health consciousness. When you unfailingly look all tip-top every morning and as fresh and excited as your first day, you are bound to receive brownie points from your boss! However, you must also ensure that your work-desk complements your appearance.

6.Arrive early, leave late: It might sound too ludicrous an attempt to look good to your boss, but if you see it from your boss’s perspective, an employee who arrives before time is the one excited and interested in work, rather than the one, who, though comes on time, but is like a machine and like clockwork, is too mechanical taking no pleasure and interest in work, even though he is well on time and leaves exactly when his total hours of work are exhausted. Not that you have to overtime every day, but a mere fifteen minutes or half-an-hour difference could pave the way to that much coveted promotion or hike.

7.Take the initiative: You should appear to be after getting your project done on time and effectively rather than pursuing a hike or a promotion. This is because your boss is always keeping an eye on you and he/she should never be under the impression that you work only for money because the most important projects are then not passed on to you as you are considered as lackadaisical as far as effective work accomplishment is concerned. So take the initiative yourself to get work done on or before time, follow up religiously and money will follow, because you will have effectively impressed your boss with your work.

These are the ways to impress your boss with your work.