Little Things That Make You Feel Happy At Work

When you wake up in the morning, you look for reasons that motivate you to go to work. They say, when you feel happy at work and look forward to going to office everyday, it has a positive impact on your performance and efficiency levels.Here are a few little things that can make you feel happy at work, and can be your reasons to go to office everyday.

1. Friendly colleagues: When colleagues are not bitchy or hyper-competitive, they become friends. And when you know that you have friends at work, you look forward to going to office everyday. The day goes smoothly by cracking jokes and having a nice, light time with your colleagues, who put a smile on your face and make work seem more interesting.

2.Timely Paychecks: Who doesn’t like timely paychecks? Working in an organization that respects its employees and pays them on time is always good. All your monthly budget plans and shopping trips can happen without compromises or adjustments. And overall, your life seems good when money comes in at regular intervals.

3.Branded Stationery: Well, it’s true that you aren’t kids anymore who keep tripping on Pokemon pencils or Spiderman pens and notepads. But let’s accept it, when your organization gives you fancy letterheads, logo-ed pens and notepads, and even logo-ed tea cups and tissue papers, it makes you feel privileged. You feel as if you truly belong there, and there is some sense of pride you get when the company that you are working for is a big one, or your dream firm. These little things act as reminders of your achievement, and keep you motivated everyday.

4.A lovely cafeteria: Happy employees are those who have awesome coffee machines at their disposal, along with great food in the office cafeteria. Some organizations go a step further and offer cupcakes and frozen yogurts throughout the day to their employees. These are perfect to make you feel happy at work!

5.Flexibility: When you have a job where people are not strict about conventional office timings and are open to the idea of you working from home sometimes, it sorts out quite a lot of things in your life. Flexible schedules are indeed a blessing that employees gain the most out of. As long as you are meeting deadlines and working properly, nobody should make you feel imprisoned in the office because of some stupid ‘in and out time’ rules.

6.Promotions: Unexpected promotions, or getting to head a new project is always exciting. That instantly boosts your mood, as you feel like working on a new challenge and impressing people. And if such things come to you on a regular basis, then your job is definitely an exciting one where you are growing and evolving each day.

7.Recreational Facilities: Some offices like to have a room for the employees to play games and relax. Such rooms may have activities ranging from table-tennis to gaming consoles to board games etc. These are perfect to enjoy during lunch-breaks or when you have free time. Such facilities truly make you feel happy at work.

8.Beautiful space: Offices that have nice interiors have a positive effect on the employees. You need to have a clean, good-looking desk or cubicle, with an overall nice ambience that uplifts your mood and keeps you happy throughout the day. If your office lacks that, you can always personalize your desk by putting some interesting cuttings, stickers, pictures of your family members, fun quotes, posters etc.

You may not realize it instantly, but these things do improve your mood sub-consciously and aid in having a good performance at work on a daily basis. Think of all these little things around you when you are going through a rough day, and something or the other will cheer you up surely.