Reasons Why Networking Can Get You A Job Faster

Looking for a job can be really tough. To make things easier, you can use networking as a tool to get more leads for jobs and establish quicker connections with the HR departments of various companies.Here are some reasons why networking can get you a job faster.

Reasons why networking can get you a job faster are:

1.Networking can help you make more connections: Networking can be done online and offline. If you chose to go to social events, career fairs or recruitment drives, you may get the opportunity to meet a wide range of people. You may not get a job through a direct contact straight away but you may increase your chances of finding a new job soon by meeting a greater number of people.

2.Networking can help you increase the potential of word of mouth: Is posting your resume online the only way you plan to inform the world that you need a job? When you want to spread the word about seeking a job, networking can be your best resort. Whether you update your status on LinkedIn or ask a friend to pass on the world to the HR manager of his or her company, networking can help you by leaps and bounds.

3.Networking can help you be endorsed: You may write about your achievements and qualities in your resume but it can never have the same impact as being personally endorsed by someone. Imagine getting a recommendation from a person of high professional authority on your LinkedIn page or being endorsed by a friend to his or her colleagues. Employers regard personal recommendation very highly. Getting endorsed might help you bag a job faster.

4.Networking can widen the scope of your job search: If you have been an accountant all your life, you may naturally apply for accounting jobs or jobs in a related area. But if you network with other accounting professionals, you may get to know about newer avenues in the same field or other jobs that are not directly related to accounting but which would utilize your number crunching skills. This can increase your chances of getting a job and can determine the speed with which you get it.

5.Networking can help you find what employers really want: Just because companies in your industry or field are recruiting, it doesn’t mean that they are looking for you. It is important to get connected to the employer who wants a person with your type of experience and profile. You may be continuously sending applications to various organizations for specific roles but they may be in vain because the employer wants something that hasn’t necessarily been mentioned in the requirement on a website or newspaper advertisement. As compared to this, networking can help you find a recruiter or an insider who knows what the employer is really looking for in candidates.

6.Networking can help push your application through: It is commonly known that applications received through an employer’s personal contact are likely to be given priority than the ones received online. Networking with other people can help you find a direct connection to your potential employer. If you get to know someone who personally knows an employer or an HR personnel, the contact can be used to push your application faster.

These are the reasons why networking can get you a job faster.