Signs You Are Unhappy At Work

Is your boss too demanding? Or are you tired of those monotonous assignments in your office? There are numerous accounts of employees who are not happy at work which isn’t healthy at all.If it’s a job where you’re perhaps away from your loved ones for an exceedingly long period, it is important that you are pleased and content with your vocation; else it will rip you off your peace and happiness.Are you already feeling the stress of your work? So much so that no longer is it physical fatigue but a mental block which depresses you the moment you step into your working domain? Don’t let your hearty spirits be battered away in an occupation that doesn’t love you back. It will soon take a toll on your personal life and physical well-being. Listed here are some signs that you are not happy at work.Here are some signs you are unhappy at work.

Signs that you are unhappy at work are:

1.Evasion of Work: The moment you begin to evade your work engagements, it becomes an instant sign that you’ve lost interest in your work. Indifference to official responsibilities shows you’re not happy at work.

2.Worry & Anxiety: What if a Sunday night gets ruined because you can’t stop thinking about Monday – the work pressure, stress, environment and peers? This keeps you from enjoying your social life beyond the office.

3.Salary & Title: In case you’re cribbing about your salary or are envious of an employee who’s gotten a raise recently, then not only are you unhappy at work but also with yourself. You should find a job that satisfies your senses completely.

4.Unsocial Network: Don’t have any friends at work? Mostly people tend to keep to themselves although a cordial atmosphere should always be maintained. But a lonely worker simply means that you don’t enjoy the healthy company of your coworkers.

5.Long Durations: You feel that work is never ending and you simply want the clock to hit that call when finally you can get off the PC. This lackadaisical attitude is one of the signs that show you’re not happy at work.

These are the signs that you are unhappy at work.