Things That You Must Stop Doing At Work

As humans, it is important to make the most use of the workday, yet we don’t do that since we have several bad habits that overpower us from being productive.We live in an age where we get advice of all sorts on how to behave at the workplace; nonetheless, we never bother to follow certain principles and end up in affecting our productivity.There are several bad habits people have at the workplace such as constantly checking Facebook, talking to friends over the phone or having a little fun with friends on Whatsapp.

Our office life may not be satisfying or stress-less, but we can take pains to avoid certain behaviours, so that it doesn’t lead us into a conflict with our colleagues or create problems in our own work environment.Perhaps you would have heard of a not-to-do-list. There is always the chance of being valued at work if you make sure to keep in mind the not-do-list, as it can get you significant returns such as productivity, financial stability and a heightened security and level of contentment. Here are some things that you must stop doing at work.

Things that you must stop doing at work are:

1.Gossiping: Biggest issue that usually causes a major conflict at the work place between the employees is the word “gossip”. Most people are constantly upset if someone they know is talking behind their back or if they try to betray their confidence by sharing their personal information which they should not have.

2.Bad Mood:  The power of negative moods is that it spreads from a person to person. So if you enter your workplace with a downcast vibe, your gloom can affect the other person’s productivity. It could affect the team management as well as morale. It tends to influence the work environment, as emotions get infectious.

3.Don’t Check E-mail Constantly: Remember at work batch the e-mails and check them at a certain time. Never become an addict by checking all your mails in one go. Stop using the workplace e-mail to send any personal/confidential messages. Usually, e-mails would scramble your work priorities and plans during the day. Never respond to e-mails immediately after you get to work; it can wait until 11 AM.

4.Don’t Ramble At Work: It may sound a little harsh, but the reality is, if you keep moving around having small talk, it can give you a bad reputation at work. So, if someone tries to talk about their weekend getaway, make sure to cut them politely with something like “hey, I’m in the middle of something, yet what’s up?” Not many are going to be happy with this, yet you need to give attention to the work ethics of your organisation.

5.Never Answer Calls From Unknown Numbers: Never answer calls as the interruption will throw away your concentration. Even if you’re getting a few personal calls at work, make sure to keep it short. It is better to avoid chatting over the phone, as people around would observe the amount of time that you spend on your calls than working.

6.Multitasking: Multitasking is one the things you should stop doing at your workplace. Multitasking is stressful. It isn’t like learning dance or French, which would eventually get you better the more you do it every day. As humans are not designed to do more than one thing at a time, such attempts would definitely result in a fractured focus. And moreover, it won’t give you a leg up in your tasks.

7.Overcommitting: Never commit more than what you can do. Saying yes to every task at work will only take you down. If you definitely have no time to commit for a project, just do yourself a favour by saying no. Trying to refuse a request from your family, friends or customers can be difficult; but remember overcommitting can turn out to be highly stressful and may not allow you to give time for yourself.

These are the things you should stop doing at work.