Tips On Choosing What To Do And What Not To Do At Work

More often than not, you get stuck at doing things of least importance because of which the more urgent matters get neglected. As a result, at the end of the day, you feel like you have piles of work to complete in spite of working so hard. This is the result of poor planning and lack of foresight. With these two things at your command, you can easily get through with your work at office and come out as a shining star. We share some valuable tips here to enable you to understand how to be choosy about the work you do.

1.Differentiate between the tasks: Before you begin performing the tasks for day, it is imperative that you distinguish between the task that needs attention immediately and the ones that can be taken care of later. This will enable you to plan properly and finish the urgent tasks first. Keeping a notepad listing the tasks or priority based to-do list will help you approach your tasks better equipped.

2.Identify the fillers: There are some tasks that do not need your full concentration and can serve as less taxing tasks. Use such tasks to relax while getting some work done. You need break from time to time. While sipping a cup of coffee, do such simple tasks so that you can complete them, and relax at the same time. However, you should not get absorbed in such tasks and set a time limit after which you must go back to more demanding jobs.

3.Personal tasks – a big no-no: Most people tend to do personal tasks such as paying their bills, ordering groceries, etc. during office hours. Unless and until you do not have pressing official work, personal work must be kept at bay. Remember, online shopping consumes a lot of time, and you really should not be doing that during your official working hours.

4.Do not gossip: No matter how tempted you are, avoid gossips. They are time-wasters and make you look like a person who is not trustworthy. If a colleague comes to you with an intention of sharing juicy news about your boss or colleagues with you, shoo the person off politely.

5.Do not make unreasonable promises: Several times, you tend make a promise to a colleague or a boss that you would never be able to fulfill. Such instances reduce your credibility. Be it an official work, or a personal obligation; never make promises that you cannot keep.

These are the things to do and not to do at work.