Tips To Deal With Negative Feedback From Your Boss

After mothers, come the bosses, they say. Bosses always find out what you are up to, when you check in and when you log out. Whether you are saying the truth or not, whether you finished your work on time or got it done from someone else, etc., everything is cleverly supervised by the boss. For an unknown and strange reason, nothing escapes the boss’ eye. Whatever the scenario, a boss out of his basic nature always gives negative feedback. Here are some tips to deal with negative feedback from your boss.

Tips to deal with negative feedback from your boss are:

1.Don’t react immediately: In most cases, the speech and tone of negative feedback will be harsh and naturally you will feel angry and the need to defend your actions. But remember that reacting instantly will only worsen the situation. Just absorb the data at that time and leave the boss’ cabin.

2.Determine the nature of feedback: Feedback can either be constructive or destructive. If you feel that the feedback given to you will help you improve and enhance your performance, take it in your stride. But if the criticism is meant to put you down or avenge personal vendetta, you should either pay no mind to it or report it to superiors.

3.Give it a thought: Nobody likes criticism and very few can handle it with the right spirit. Even if you feel that the criticism is unnecessary, you should still take the time to assess and evaluate it. You never know something better might actually result out of it.

4.Pick up the real message: When your boss shouts at you or gives you negative feedback, it is most likely to be in a loud and offending tone. His purpose might not be that. More often than not, a person is likely to concentrate on the manner of the feedback and not the underlying message. So focus on the genuine point your boss wants to get across before jumping to negative conclusions.

5.Keep your emotions in check: If shouting given by the boss brings tears in your eyes or rattles you then you need to get stronger, girl. It is not possible to deliver every message with a sweet tone in a corporate environment. So grow up and wipe those tears away.

6.Have a one-on-one discussion: If you feel that the criticism is totally out of line and you do not deserve it, schedule a meeting with your boss and discuss the matter in detail. Put forth your plans and objectives clearly to ensure that such a scenario does not repeat itself.

These are the tips to deal with negative feedback from your boss.