Balabhaskar's death: Driver, manager to be subjected to polygraph test

Kochi: The manager and driver of violinist Balabhaskar will be subjected to a polygraph test on Friday.

Balabhaskar's manager Prakashan Thampi driver Arjun will undergo polygraph test in Kochi. CBI is conducting the test to make clarification on many statements in connection with the death of the musician.

CBI had received permission to conduct polygraph test of manager Prakashan Thampi, driver Arjun, Kalabhavan Sobi and Vishnu Somasundaram.

Among them, Prakashan Thampi and Arjun will be subjected to the test on Friday. A special team from Chennai and Bengaluru will arrive for the test.

Sobi and Vishnu Somasundaram will be subjected to the test on Saturday.

Earlier, driver Arjun had stated that he was not driving the car when the accident took place. Balabhaskar's wife Lakshmi gave a statement countering this. Arjun is subjected to the test to clarify this.

Prakashan Thampi and Vishnu Somasundaram will have to undergo the lie detector test as their involvement in Thiruvananthapuram gold smuggling case came to light. 

Kalabhavan Sobi will be subjected  to polygraph test as he stated that some suspicious incidents occurred at the place of the accident which he witnessed while travelling on the route at the same time. Asianet Online