Controversial naturopath Mohanan Vaidyar dies

Thiruvananthapuram: Mohanan Vaidyar, a self-proclaimed naturopath, died after collapsing at a relative's house in Thiruvananthapuram on Saturday.

He was 65.

The post mortem report revealed that he had contracted COVID-19.

Mohanan Vaidyar, who was often involved in controversies regarding the treatment of viral diseases, was arrested last year after he claimed that he could cure COVID-19. He was also arrested in October 2019 for allegedly misdiagnosing the skin disease of a minor patient and offering wrong treatment.

He had argued since the time of the Nipah virus outbreak of 2018 that there is no such thing as the Nipah virus.

He had claimed then that he ate fruits eaten by bats, believed to be the carriers of Nipah, to prove that the Nipah virus did not exist. Asianet Online