CPM to offer 3 seats for INL including Kozhikode South

Thiruvananthapuram:  The Indian National League (INL), which is part of the Left Democratic Front, will be offered the same 3 seats they contested in 2016. But INL is demanding 4 seats this time. 

The party has sought one more seat from Kannur. But according to reports the CPM may reject that demand. If the CPM decides not to give the 4th seat, then INL wants Uduma instead of Kasargod. This request too would be rejected by the CPM.  The CPM district secretariat has finalised the candidate list including Uduma the other day.

The INL contested in Kasargod, Kozhikode South and Vallikkunnu in 2016 but were defeated in all three seats. Meanwhile, there were reports that CPM may take over Kozhikode South.